it's christmas time, new certificates for all

13 Dec 2010

heaven, another 6 month passed and we are getting close to christmas.

so as a little pre-christmas present for everyone, here are new certificates for *.ucrony related mail and lists. this here is what you should get when you investigate the certificate:

MD5: A4:AB:1A:E1:F5:A9:DB:05:33:E0:64:BF:95:F5:79:4B
SHA1: 93:D8:53:B5:F5:76:74:62:00:85:77:15:67:80:3F:20:F0:F4:C6:74

Expire: 11/06/12(Sun) 08:13


SHA1 Fingerprint=CD:CA:A2:19:04:61:24:FB:D2:49:CD:7D:8E:DC:9C:5F:1E:A8:9F:64
MD5 Fingerprint=51:30:D7:EA:59:D4:AC:DA:2E:58:9B:D2:C0:DF:BE:3C

for ( including projects )

SHA1 Fingerprint=B8:2D:24:41:7D:1E:84:8C:36:B9:E0:AA:39:8A:F1:F3:6B:98:A1:3D
MD5 Fingerprint=6D:C8:54:D5:57:A3:3E:19:2C:6E:43:3A:D1:22:97:6C

all the certificates are signed by cacert , therefore you will have to import cacert's root certificate to get rid of all warnings and errors.