mission statement

21 Oct 2009

in the beginning of the internet, people used it as a tool for communication. to the horror of governments and some others, people suddenly exchanged knowledge and information freely across borders without being controlled.

what happened actually questioned these borders: it brought up the question why we would need to be controlled at all, who is actually deciding who and what can flow freely across these borders. at the same time, a powerful social movement which was sometimes called "anti globalisation movement" - but which is actually more globalised then every social movement before - was born.

people started to realise that, although with different tools and different languages, many people all around the world were working and fighting for the same goal.

since that time, more and more restrictions were made to control the flow of information, to built new borders to keep people from communicate with each other, to control the access to knowledge. new border regimes, both in the digital as in the "real life" realm, developed.

in opposition to that plentyfact wants to offer tools and help for those who are obsessed with the idea of a world with a free movement of people, a free flow of information and equal access to knowledge and resources for everybody, everywhere; to those who believe there a completely different world possible beyond exploitation, discrimination, borders and control.

we are convinced that self-organisation is necessary for that. we also think that for this free software (free as in freedom), open knowlegde (not controlled by restrictive licences) and informational autonomy (called nformational self-determination by some) is deeply necessary for that.

we see plentyfact as a tool for and part of a non-hirarchical social movement. we know that in a world where capitalism is the standard and bills have to be paid, the perfect life is not possible. anyway we think that we have to work on a radical different perpective for a life in freedom and autonomy.

as a personal note: we are not a "service provider", so do not treat us like one. cheers.

principles in short

it is our aim to support non-hirarchical initiatives and projects who are working for freedom of movement, a free flow of information and who are opposed to any form of discrimination, such as racism, sexism, anti-semitism or other kinds of supression as well as any other form of exploitation. we won't support any project which promotes any dicriminating content.